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    Salon Atlantis is your premier salon experience in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Karin will strive to make sure that you're happier than ever before. Offering a variety of salon services, the relaxing setting and Atlantean motif will make this a salon experience you'll never forget!

  • The Salon Atlantis Team

  • Karin Burke

    Owner and Founder Karin Burke became licensed in 2002 after graduating with top honors in her cosmetology class.

    "I love bringing the foundations of knowledge to such a creative and ever changing profession. This career has allowed me to challenge and compete with myself every day. I'm constantly seeking inspiration and striving to become a better stylist."

    Karin has been heavily involved with the community. If she's not at the Salon, check around town! You'll often find her volunteering at community functions or supporting local businesses.

    Karin's Price/Service List
  • Services

    Be sure to check back soon for more information on each of our services! For prices, check out Karin's profile pages!

    Women's Haircut
    Men's Haircut
    Children's Haircut
    Bangs Trim
    Base Color
    Cut + Color
    Cut + Semi-Color
    Partial Color
    Cut + Partial Color

    Full Foil
    Cut + Full Foil
    Perm - Short
    Perm - Long
    Keratin Treatment
    Cap Highlight

  • Contact

    Salon Atlantis

    7988 Meadow Drive
    Mechanicsville, VA 23111


    Open Tuesday through Saturday. Please call to confirm availability!

  • Karin's Services*

    Women's Haircut: $42
    Men's Haircut: $20
    Children's Haircut: $18
    Bangs Trim: $7
    Base Color: $60
    Cut + Color: $102
    Semi-Color: $45
    Cut + Semi-Color: $87
    Partial Color: $60
    Cut + Partial Color: $95

    Full Foil: $105
    Cut + Full Foil: $145
    Perm - Short: $60
    Perm - Long: $95
    Keratin Treatment: $300
    Blowout: $125
    Style: $25
    Upstyle: $65
    Cap Highlight: $55

    * - Prices listed here are initial estimates and starting prices only. Please make an appointment to determine final pricing.

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  • Salon News

    Welcome to our new website! Salon Atlantis is proud to announce the launch of our new website. Here you can find information about the Salon, the Stylists, or just the Styling! Be sure to click the images at the bottom of every page to check out the different looks of our site as you browse. If you have any questions or comments, or just want to say "Hi," head on over to our Contact page and send us an e-mail, give us a call, or hang out on Facebook. Thanks for visiting!

    Salon Atlantis is continuing to grow! Whether it's our constantly evolving decor, our expanding service list, or our new faces, you'll find something new every time. While you watch our Salon grow, know that our two apprentices are growing, too! Salon Atlantis endeavors not only to offer an excellent Salon Experience, but also to offer great learning experiences to our apprentices. And finally, Salon Atlantis is growing in the community, as well. Be sure to look for us at many of Ashland's wonderful street parties. Give us a call or come on by, we'd love to get to know you while you get to know us!

  • The Salon Atlantis Studio

    Come visit Salon Atlantis and its relaxing studio. The Atlantean motif carries throughout the salon, from our five stations to the comfortable waiting area. Give us a call or stop on by to make your first appointment and check it out for yourself!

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